Electric Automation Engine


When you think of a CI/CD pipeline, you are likely to imagine boxes connected by lines and an implied execution flow from left to right. You also imagine lots of YAML. Thousands of lines of YAML in some cases.

This CI/CD pipeline is the equivalent of an internal combustion engine, a complicated piece of machinery that is slow and inefficient at converting dead dinosaurs into kinetic energy. Electric motors are superior in all aspects: 4x more efficient at energy conversion, simple in comparison & all the torque all the time. They are also clean. Some of you already own a fully electric car, and know exactly what I mean. Everyone else will have no choice by 2030-ish.

With Dagger, we are trying to build the electric car equivalent of CI/CD. Think automation with self-contained documentation built & distributed as reusable packages. You can use this today on your local host, as well as with your existing CI platform. I believe that Dagger is the Docker moment of CI/CD. Let me show you why.


Swiss Cloud Native Day
Bern, Switzerland