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GoReleaser build workflow as a Dagger pipeline running on Equinix Metal


What if I told you that you’ve been holding CI/CD wrong all this time?

I believe that Dagger is the Docker moment of CI/CD. Let me show you why.

The most relevant takeaways from the first 21 https://shipit.show episodes


Pushing the maximum of a single replicated RabbitMQ queue from 25k msgs/sec to 1 million took a lot more than better algorithms.


How does RabbitMQ handle network latency? What about a clean network partition? And a partial network partition?

How do you make your RabbitMQ clusters public & secure? Think HTTPS & AMQPS. What about using a single IP for multiple RabbitMQ …

You have a few RabbitMQ deployments. How do you monitor them?

With the RabbitMQ on K8S basics understood, it’s time to deploy a RabbitMQ cluster and tackle more advanced topics.


This is what happened when RabbitMQ did

Start having different conversations - the goal is to understand & improve

Why should you? What happened when we did? Improved by DevOpsZH

Why should you? What happened when we did? Improved by LOPUG

Why should you? What happened when we did? Improved by Michal


What does succeeding with RabbitMQ in production look like?


A pipeline is the secret of happy & successful teams. Let me show you why.


How to not work together and still deliver value every day?

Learn how to write maintainable bash code using test-driven development


Training workshop on deploying and managing applications on Cloud Foundry

Learn about the relationship of IBM, Bluemix & Extreme Programming


Is Docker on its own enough for production?

How to continuously deliver a containerized Rails application into production?

How do you consistently deliver code into production?


Learn in 7 minutes how to use your shell more efficiently